You can gain big value from kitchen display systems even if you have a small restaurant kitchen. No matter what is the shape and size of your restaurant, you can get huge functional advantages of touch-screen kitchen display systems.

Read on below to know about the six benefits of restaurant “kitchen display systems” also known as KDS.

1: Accurate Fulfillment Time:

Kitchen display system screen can help you accurately track the time of completing each ticket by your restaurant staff. By getting this accurate information, you can identify the loopholes and improve kitchen procedures. You would be able to know the areas where more improvement is required. The KDS can track fulfillment time daily and weekly. It would get so easy for you by looking into the information that which kitchen staff member is efficient and which is not. Those who are not, you can recommend them for further training.

2: Make the Cooking Process Easy to Understand:

What is easy; 35 wings or 7 orders of 5 wings? Both are same, but the first one is simple and quick to understand. KDS simplifies the cooking process. Restaurant staff can do costly errors by doing mental math of calculating the order size. The only thing they should focus on is taste and flavor of the recipe. Kitchen display systems allow staff to know exactly how many wings they have to prepare or how many pizzas must be in the oven right now. Kitchen order systems make it clear for every worker to know about their responsibilities and assignments.

3: Increased Kitchen Efficiency:

There are kitchen display systems nowadays that let the orders directed straightaway to kitchen screens and prep stations. They change the color code of those tickets which are not fulfilled yet in a given time. Thus, the orders can be prioritized. This feature of KDS makes the staff accountable for their orders. In turn, the efficiency of the worker’s increases.

4: Waste Reduction:

KDS helps in reducing waste food. Wastage of food happens where there is miscommunication about the order size between the front and the back of the house. With KDS, no huge food wastage can be done (minimal wastage is routine. Thanks to the accurate ticket information feature of KDS. Another amazing benefit of kitchen display systems is that you can reduce paper roll costs because you will not need paper tickets anymore. Your kitchen operations will be more efficient and focused.

5: Quick Online Ordering Process:

KDS allows quick online ordering process because it transfers the online orders directly to kitchen display screens. There is no need to re-enter the order manually by a staff member. Extra effort by the staff members for the online orders can be minimized this way.

6: Smooth FOH and BOH Operations:

KDS helps smooth streamline between FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of the house) workflows. Servers get instant notifications on their tablet or text messages when order tickets are marked as fulfilled. The instant alerts can never let you deliver the “cold” food to the guests.