Standing out in the restaurant industry is quite competitive however, it doesn’t mean that you should give your staff a hard time. You can significantly decrease your employee turnover by making a few adjustments at your restaurant.

We have listed down a few reasons that result in unsatisfied staff leaving and quick fixes to prevent this.


Unhappy Staff

Long Hours

In the restaurant industry, employee burnout rate is quite high due to improper working hours. With over 10-12 hour shifts during the week, employees certainly lose motivation. Therefore it’s imperative to have a constant schedule for your staff. This will allow them to plan their daily activities accordingly and take out time for leisure as well. Working long hours inhibits your employees to have a good social life negatively impacting their personality.

A difficult strategy to counter this problem is to provide your employees with two days off, a concept unheard in restaurant business. Yes, it will require more work initially however you’ll soon see the countless benefits as you won’t have to hire staff constantly. This can easily be achieved with a restaurant management system capable of assigning server shifts. 

Low Salaries

For most individuals, salary is the sole motivation. People will continue to work if they feel their time and effort is being worth compensated for. Even on low budget, you can create a healthy monetary reward system for your employees.

Giving out bonuses to your employees when they hit well-defined KPIs is important. Your employees will feel more exuberant towards achieving the goals defined by you. Secondly, you should give out performance based raises to your employees. Do not simply give raises based on loyalty to the restaurant but instead define performance criteria specifically to achieve a certain raise.

Underachieving Coworkers

A few black sheep are always there in the workplace. They’ll manage to get through unnoticed by doing the bare minimum. This shoots down the morale of the fellow high performance workers. They’ll have to compensate for the work left by their fellow employee. Therefore it’s important to hold one to one meetings with your employees to understand their concerns around the workplace.

Feeling of Underappreciation

Having the “Customer is always right” attitude and neglecting your employees altogether can quickly force them to leave. Therefore it’s important to thank your employees for their constant effort. Neglecting their share of work in your business can have adverse effects on it.

Low Quality Equipment

Before opening your restaurant, it’s important to buy quality equipment to avoid any hindrances during the working hours. Employees will utilize any equipment they are provided with however getting them through a lot of trouble is never good. For consistency and quality in their work, it’s important to provide your employees with the best resources available.

Terrible Management

Many times you won’t realize if you are hard to work with but your employees will certainly notice. Initially employees will go on with you simply because they are being compensated through payment. However, after a while any employee will feel discomfort and will simply leave the workplace. So learn to treat your staff pleasantly to form a long lasting working relationship.