Why do Restaurants Take Advantage of Your Data?

There are many attempted and good practices that go into running a fruitful eatery. As of not long ago, acing those had a significant effect between a decent business and an incredible one. Today, eatery organizations of all sizes need to accomplish more with information to achieve the best and remain there. Here are five different ways that information examination will enable you to take your eatery to the following level.

With the advancement in technology, 6 percent of the revenue the restaurants are generating is from online ticketing or booking. For this what they do is that they collect the data or personal information of their customers. This includes their names, email addresses, contact information, and many other things. This information is used later by restaurants for their marketing and emailing.

stealing customer data

Data is hard to come by these days:

With the order placement apps, it is quite convenient actually to get your information. These apps transfer your contact information to the restaurants near your locality, and they use it for the sake of marketing. It’s very important that an online ordering app can give all the access to the information of the customers so that you can contact them properly but in ChowNow customer profile is generated automatically and it can help you completely. It all works on the high commission strategy which is that whoever will pay the highest rate, they will give the information to them.

Why does data matter?

Data is important for restaurants because;

1.    With the help of it, they can get all the information about their customers can help them to get their required customers.

2.    Most of the people are not aware of the deals on food chains around their locality. If the restaurants start marketing them well, it would be easier for the customers, and the restaurants can earn revenues as well.

3.    This type of information can help the food chains to segment their customers, and this can help them to make strategies according to the behavior of the customers.

4.    Understanding who your customers are can help you to market your products well.

Data helps you maintain your customers:

If you want to make sure that your customers come to your restaurant, again and again, you have to make a very solid and strategic marketing plan. After understanding your customer, you can make personalized emails. You can build up their trust by using strategies like promo codes new menu items, Special discounts restaurant event information and much more.

Chow now online email marketing is highly recommended, and it helps actually to schedule your marketing strategies and all. If you want to boost up your marketing techniques, You can rely on Chow Now completely. The majority of this may sound incredible, yet doesn’t it simply require greater investment? Information examination frameworks help here as well. Robotized warnings and assignments ensure that bits of knowledge are conveyed to the correct individuals at the opportune time, and this implies substantially more than simply conveying a give an account of a calendar. Get a content that you are near hitting an extra minutes jump before the calendar goes out. Send updates and raise warnings if consistence errands are left inadequate


How to Upgrade Your Restaurant PayCheck

The very first thing to believe is that the Restaurant paycheck if is not in good shape, it will be someday. You don’t have to get low on it, rather look out for better options to know about it and reach to next level.

While you are working in the world of the restaurant, where there is so much competition, and nothing seems to be steady, there is one thing that is always reached and it is your paycheck. With less or more, if you get to learn more about your paycheck, you will be able to make a lot of money at the end of the year and make a strong bank account.

Here are the five tips you need to reconsider before you fall apart at your restaurant job.

  1. Developing more Financial Skills: Even if you think you are good at finance, there ought to be more of financial skills you are missing.  Check out the top financial blogs, and you will get to know where you are missing. Most of the bloggers have done the hard work and lived it like what you are going through. Many have done the deep research for you and set the information to learn from, and that also for free.
  2. Do you know about your Paycheck? If read properly, there are certain parts of your paycheck which you need to clarify and need to know about. The net pay and the gross pay mainly decides what is actually in your hands in total and what’s after deductions. Moreover, you need to get a W-2 statement from the employer that means wage and Tax Statement, which gets you the summary of the whole year money as your income and the tax deductions. You should be receiving this by 31st January of each year.
  3. Make a Budget: Be honest with your money, make a budget and begin with a small step. You cannot tighten up your expense and starve on food at same time. Be patient and begin with the information you have, get ready for the due dates of bills and be patient. You will gradually learn to hold on your little money.
  4. Planning after Budgeting: As you chart out your budget, you plan next how will you spend your money. Make your change as your savings of the day and use cash as per daily requirements. You don’t need to burden yourself; you can set an amount to save each month and get capable for a vacation at good time itself.
  5. Financial Tools are great Help: In this digital era, when you actually can rely on tools, the financial tools can get you a great picture of your expense and budget remotely. Not counting each penny, there is number of apps that are user-friendly and get you count on your savings every time you save few pennies.  You can also prefer any tool at low-cost referred by your bank.  Nowadays, mobile apps are of great help when it comes to checking savings.


6 Amazing Advantages of Restaurant Kitchen Order Systems (KDS)

You can gain big value from kitchen display systems even if you have a small restaurant kitchen. No matter what is the shape and size of your restaurant, you can get huge functional advantages of touch-screen kitchen display systems.

Read on below to know about the six benefits of restaurant “kitchen display systems” also known as KDS.

1: Accurate Fulfillment Time:

Kitchen display system screen can help you accurately track the time of completing each ticket by your restaurant staff. By getting this accurate information, you can identify the loopholes and improve kitchen procedures. You would be able to know the areas where more improvement is required. The KDS can track fulfillment time daily and weekly. It would get so easy for you by looking into the information that which kitchen staff member is efficient and which is not. Those who are not, you can recommend them for further training.

2: Make the Cooking Process Easy to Understand:

What is easy; 35 wings or 7 orders of 5 wings? Both are same, but the first one is simple and quick to understand. KDS simplifies the cooking process. Restaurant staff can do costly errors by doing mental math of calculating the order size. The only thing they should focus on is taste and flavor of the recipe. Kitchen display systems allow staff to know exactly how many wings they have to prepare or how many pizzas must be in the oven right now. Kitchen order systems make it clear for every worker to know about their responsibilities and assignments.

3: Increased Kitchen Efficiency:

There are kitchen display systems nowadays that let the orders directed straightaway to kitchen screens and prep stations. They change the color code of those tickets which are not fulfilled yet in a given time. Thus, the orders can be prioritized. This feature of KDS makes the staff accountable for their orders. In turn, the efficiency of the worker’s increases.

4: Waste Reduction:

KDS helps in reducing waste food. Wastage of food happens where there is miscommunication about the order size between the front and the back of the house. With KDS, no huge food wastage can be done (minimal wastage is routine. Thanks to the accurate ticket information feature of KDS. Another amazing benefit of kitchen display systems is that you can reduce paper roll costs because you will not need paper tickets anymore. Your kitchen operations will be more efficient and focused.

5: Quick Online Ordering Process:

KDS allows quick online ordering process because it transfers the online orders directly to kitchen display screens. There is no need to re-enter the order manually by a staff member. Extra effort by the staff members for the online orders can be minimized this way.

6: Smooth FOH and BOH Operations:

KDS helps smooth streamline between FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of the house) workflows. Servers get instant notifications on their tablet or text messages when order tickets are marked as fulfilled. The instant alerts can never let you deliver the “cold” food to the guests.




6 Reasons Why a Restaurant Staff Would Leave

Standing out in the restaurant industry is quite competitive however, it doesn’t mean that you should give your staff a hard time. You can significantly decrease your employee turnover by making a few adjustments at your restaurant.

We have listed down a few reasons that result in unsatisfied staff leaving and quick fixes to prevent this.


Unhappy Staff

Long Hours

In the restaurant industry, employee burnout rate is quite high due to improper working hours. With over 10-12 hour shifts during the week, employees certainly lose motivation. Therefore it’s imperative to have a constant schedule for your staff. This will allow them to plan their daily activities accordingly and take out time for leisure as well. Working long hours inhibits your employees to have a good social life negatively impacting their personality.

A difficult strategy to counter this problem is to provide your employees with two days off, a concept unheard in restaurant business. Yes, it will require more work initially however you’ll soon see the countless benefits as you won’t have to hire staff constantly. This can easily be achieved with a restaurant management system capable of assigning server shifts. 

Low Salaries

For most individuals, salary is the sole motivation. People will continue to work if they feel their time and effort is being worth compensated for. Even on low budget, you can create a healthy monetary reward system for your employees.

Giving out bonuses to your employees when they hit well-defined KPIs is important. Your employees will feel more exuberant towards achieving the goals defined by you. Secondly, you should give out performance based raises to your employees. Do not simply give raises based on loyalty to the restaurant but instead define performance criteria specifically to achieve a certain raise.

Underachieving Coworkers

A few black sheep are always there in the workplace. They’ll manage to get through unnoticed by doing the bare minimum. This shoots down the morale of the fellow high performance workers. They’ll have to compensate for the work left by their fellow employee. Therefore it’s important to hold one to one meetings with your employees to understand their concerns around the workplace.

Feeling of Underappreciation

Having the “Customer is always right” attitude and neglecting your employees altogether can quickly force them to leave. Therefore it’s important to thank your employees for their constant effort. Neglecting their share of work in your business can have adverse effects on it.

Low Quality Equipment

Before opening your restaurant, it’s important to buy quality equipment to avoid any hindrances during the working hours. Employees will utilize any equipment they are provided with however getting them through a lot of trouble is never good. For consistency and quality in their work, it’s important to provide your employees with the best resources available.

Terrible Management

Many times you won’t realize if you are hard to work with but your employees will certainly notice. Initially employees will go on with you simply because they are being compensated through payment. However, after a while any employee will feel discomfort and will simply leave the workplace. So learn to treat your staff pleasantly to form a long lasting working relationship.